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Multi-Safe Fuel Tank Stand

The award winning Multi-Safe Fuel Tank stand improves the health and saftey when filling or dispensing fuel and with cleaning and maintaining vehical.


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Fuel Tank Stand

The Award winning Multi-safe Fuel Tank Stand is the answer to gravity driven or pump driven fuel tanks for farms, building sites, transport and Fuel companies.

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Double Fuel Tank Stand

Multi-safe fuel tank stand for larger operations where there is a high fuel use or require two different fuel types. The Double can run 2 tanks with a total of 3000 litres available.

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Triple Fuel Tank Stand

The triple Fuel tank stand is for high fuel use applications where there may be a need for multi fuel types.

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Brand New - Washer/Fuel Tank Stand Combi

The ideal companion in any Transport yard or Farm allowing Washer, Air, Grease and water to service vehicals as needed in one unit. No more driving between different areas for service.

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Low Fuel Tank Stand

Ideal for home heating oil applications. It allows the safe delivery of fuel, checking the fuel level.

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Installation is available with all fuel tank stands. We can quote to do the installation or provide specic plans to allow your own on site contractors to build the base.

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Request pricing information now for one of our multi-safe fuel tank stands including delivery and installation.

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